Contrary to the general public's conception of Deep Tissue massage, it is not a "hard" massage, which is simply the result of exerting more effort; it does not require exceptional strength or size. Deep tissue techniques are intended to be used when the need arises, perhaps several times during a massage.  There obviously will be less focus on pleasure as the primary goal and more emphasis on altering structure and muscle restrictions. This does not mean however that the work is not pleasurable.  Once accustomed to the benefits of deep tissue work, most clients prefer the increased degree of relaxation, the alleviation of pain and the longer lasting benefits.  Potential goals of such work - as a result of the alleviation of pain, better posture is made possible, more flexibility and more fluidity in movement is realized as well.

Myofascial Release:

Myofascial Release Therapy is an extremely effective hands-on technique that works by applying gentle sustained pressure to eliminate pain and restore flexibility and motion to the fascia (connective tissue).
Deep Tissue:

Using Deep Tissue we can assess the cause and type of conditions a patient presents, which is crucial to treating them successfully. This involves strong pressure used on "trigger points" and tendons to release contracted muscles and clear troubled areas.

Reflexology is the art of touching points on feet, hands and ears that correspond directly with the organs, glands and other systems in the body. The reflex points communicate messages causing deep relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, stimulation of the immune and circulatory system, and facilitate an overall balance and well being.
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